Gun Battle

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Gun Battle Description

Do you like playing 2D Shooter games? If the answer is yes, then jump into Gun Battle game to master it now! The game is a combination between Arcade and Battle Royale styles, with two different modes to play: Battle Royle mode and 3v3 Teams mode. They all have their own objectives to achieve! If you want to join the Battle Royale mode, your main mission is to kill all enemies using your powerful weapons alone yourself and come out as the last man standing to win. But if you join the team mode, you have to work with your teammates to defeat the rival teams for a chance of winning. As you gather kills, lots of coins will be given to you, so feel free to use them to unlock brand new skins in the shop or even buy new weapons for yourself. Just have fun playing with other online opponents and put your skills to a test! Good luck to you!

How To Play

Control your gunner with arrow keys or WASD. Aim and shoot with the mouse. 

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