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Futurefunk Description

Futurefunk is a free online strategy game where you will be a part of an exciting match between humans and zombies. You will have to spread the infection over the area or find every way to defend your body from the undead’s attacks. So, you will be chosen to be a defender or a walking dead at the start of Futurefunk.

The challenge that you play in Futurefunk, one of the new iO games, will depend on the role that you are assigned. As mentioned above, you need to survive or infect as many people as possible. If you are an ordinary man in Futurefunk unblocked, you are allowed to enter the shop in each round so as to buy weapons. Besides, you can pick up available materials to cover yourself. Try to select appropriate tactics to become the winner! Do not forget to work together with members of your team! They can support you to escape dangerous situations or capture the target faster. Good luck!

How To Play

Use WASD keys to move, LMB to control tools, E to pick up items, G to drop them