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WormRoyale.io Description

WormRoyale.io promises to be an enchanting and fascinating IO game to master! It combines Battle Royale and Slitherio elements together, giving an amazing gaming experience to all players. In the game, you have to help your worm defeat all enemy worms for a chance of becoming the last worm standing. You start small, but through over time, you will become a bigger worm by eating a lot of dispersed food around the map. Once your size has reached another level, you can utilize your big body to surround the opponent worms. Try to block their heads with your body, or even make a crazy dash to block their movements, causing them to run into you. But at the same time, you have to defend yourself from colliding with other worms. Also, stay away from the danger zone as it can deplete your health. You should play tactically to outsmart all of your opponents then work your way to the top! Good luck!

How To Play

Your worm’s movement will be done by the mouse. To speed it up, use the left mouse button.