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UnUn.io Description

UnUn.io is a cute and addictive racing space-themed IO game. You will show off your bouncing, dropping and fighting skills for a chance of winning. The in-game mission is to descend as many floors of the tower as possible without taking too much time. Other players are doing the same task, so you guys will be raced against each other in this game. You need to smash, dash and squeeze all of them when they stand in your way. At the same time, you must watch out for the deadly spike tiles that can destroy you instantly if you touch them. Perform all the good skills to surpass all of those deadly impediments. Do you think you can bound through gaps in the towers filled with risks and knock all of your enemies off? It may sound difficult but very enjoyable to master. Let’s jump into the action right now! Hope you earn a huge amount of fun!

How To Play

Use keys A/D or left/right arrow keys or drag the left mouse for the movement.