Zombusterz.io Description

Zombusterz.io is a new Battle Royale io game in which you will have to use up your shooting skill to win against the undead. The exciting post-apocalyptic world where you are connected is filled with countless zombies. Besides, it’s feasible to find the presence of other players. To become the top character, you need to collect the highest score. The point of you will be increased after you eliminate scary monsters. Although it’s possible for you to evade them, firing at these creatures will be the best way to conquer Zombusterz.io unblocked. In addition to the basic gun that you are given at the start, you will seize more opportunities to obtain stronger weapons when you progress. Play Zombusterz.io free online and you have to manage your resource smartly. They will allow you to occupy the leaderboard quickly. Are you ready to engage in the match with multiple rivals and be the ultimate trooper? Good luck!

How To Play

Select WASD to roam around the area, Q to pick another weapon, RMB to aim, LMB to shoot, Spacebar to jump, Esc to opt for