Xess.io Description

Xess.io is an online multiplayer game which is inspired by the famous sport named chess. But, it is made in the Io style. You will play as a protector. Your mission is to defend the King from the enemy’s assault at all costs by building up a strong army around him. Aside from that, you also have another objective that is to capture every area on the map to reset world order. Try to complete the second goal as fast as possible! Once you achieve everything, you will soon become the owner of the leaderboard. Xess.io has the same rule as the original. For example, you will lose if your King is taken by the opponent. But, it has some big differences such as moving your pieces around the location many times as you want although you still must go after every piece official moves. Therefore, the queen is very valuable since she can wander in any direction. You’d better observe the situation and figure out the proper strategy promptly to survive and conquer the target. Have fun!

How To Play

Use the mouse to control pieces. Click and drag the screen to observe.