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Worms.zone Description

Worms.Zone is one of the best Snake-themed Slither Style IO games you should give a shot to! In this awesome edition, you play as a small worm roaming through a big arena full of animals. You need to eat as many animals as possible to increase your size, which gives you an edge over your enemies in the game. Once you have gotten bigger, you can utilize your big body to surround the enemy worms, forcing them to run into you, or even bypass them by speeding up, and with this way, you can easily block their movement. During the course of the game, you should watch out for your surroundings as you may get ambushed by someone else easily. Develop your strategies through over time then use them to outplay your opponents. Like other Slither-inspired games, the main goal here is to become the largest worm in the entire arena. Good luck!

How To Play

Speed up your worm using the left/right mouse buttons.