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Worm.is Description

Do you think you will become the longest and the most dangerous worm in Worm.is – another epic Slither Style Snake game online? Give this one a shot now to experience more challenges as well as meet new opponents from across the world. In the game, you will control a tiny worm around the map trying to eat up as many small objects as possible to increase your size. As time goes by, you will become a bigger worm, and this is your chance to hunt down other enemy worms. You should utilize your long body to encircle them and make them dash into you as they have no ways to escape. Also, you can even make a speed boost to bypass the enemies and quickly block their movement. Just be sure that you will defend your head! Try not to run into the border, or else the game will be over. Good luck to you!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move your worm. Click the left mouse or use key W to shoot mass, use the right mouse or spacebar to dash forward, and press key F for using an item.

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