Are you ready to become a pilot? Join now and take this chance to show off your abilities! This is a famous Multiplayer game online focusing on controlling plane and shooting down enemies. The game opens a large-scale battle in the sky where you fight against numerous skilled players. Take control of your helicopter and fly it around the sky to defeat all opponents. You are supposed to aim and shoot them down carefully before they annihilate you. To boost your strength, you should try to grab various power-ups and other awesome weapons. Make a good use of them to your advantage, earn more score and rank up on the leaderboard. If you want to speed up, you should eat some yellow dots around. Also, you must stay watchful when flying around since the opponents can take you out anytime. Dodge their attacks and protect your life at all cost. Your main goal is to become the most powerful pilot on the leaderboard!

How To Play

Use the mouse to take control of your plane
Click left mouse or use spacebar for shooting

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