Description unblocked is an ocean-themed io game in which players from around the world play as marine monsters attempting to fight one another to see who will rule the ocean. There are lots of ocean io games, and this one will be worth your try as it brings you a great experience with nice features to explore.

You have to move around the ocean trying to eat smaller fishes first to increase your size. You will become a bigger fish after eating food and your score will be increased too, which helps boost your tank as well. After the tank has been full, you will evolve into a new character class that is stronger. Watch out for the bigger fishes because if you don’t, they will eat you, which makes your game over. There can be only one top-ranked fish on the leaderboard, so try your best to outplay all enemy fishes, survive, and grow to become the biggest fish in the ocean arena! Play game for free then see if you conquer all enemies. Have fun!

How To Play

On PC, use the mouse to move your fish, speed it up using the left mouse button. On Mobile, tap first to move the fish with a D-pad, and second tap and hold to accelerate it.