Description – a new io game – will drop you in a map packed with slippery enemies. You may have known that Slither-style io games are very popular, and unblocked is one of them that should be not ignored to play. Make sure you have your skills ready for this new snake-themed adventure then see how long you can survive in this world. You control your snake through a deadly pit and try to eat all power pellets dispersed on the ground. These pellets will help you grow your body a lot once you have eaten them. After growing your size, use your big body to trick other players, have them run into you, speed up to bypass then cut them off. There are many ways to kill your opponents, and once they have eliminated, you will earn more points, which gradually takes you to the top. Only the smartest snake can rule the arena! Are you ready to conquer all enemies? Jump into game now!

How To Play

Control the movement of your snake using the mouse and click the left mouse to move faster.

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