With a new snake-themed io game called free online, you will now one more chance express your slithering skill when navigating through a big island in the shape of a cunning snake that is willing to slay enemies getting in its way. game features fast-paced gameplay with better graphics than You begin as a small snake, but as you eat more food scattered around the game area, your length and mass will be grown a lot. Growing mass is a very significant thing in game. It will help you get stronger than ever and you can take on other enemy snakes. Make the most use of your long body to go surround the enemies, block their exits, and have them run into you. Speed up whenever you can! But this will cost points to you, so use this feature wisely, or else you will lose all the points. Try not to leave the island! Stay here and fight for your top rank on the leaderboard!

How To Play

Move your snake using the mouse. To speed it up, click the left mouse button.

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