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Join another amusing Snake game online called and put your skills to a new test! This Slither Style game is very fun to play. You will make your way through a huge arena full of snakes and you must defeat all of them for building your ultimate dominance in the arena. But first, you have to eat as many glowing dots as possible to grow your size. After you have reached a big size, you will be able to compete against other enemy snakes. You can utilize your long body to surround them, block their exits, and make them crash into you. Also, feel free to speed up your snake to bypass other enemies and quickly block their pathway. However, while trying to kill you, you must defend the head of the snake from crashing into the body of other players, or else it will be an end for you. Like other Slither-inspired IO games, you must become the largest snake ruling the arena. Join the game now!


How To Play

Use the mouse to move your snake, click the left mouse to speed up.