Description is an extremely interesting Io game for you to play online without charge. You need to make your block hot quickly. Aside from that, try to survive as long as possible until you take control of the top position on the leaderboard. However, you should stay there to become the winner of the day. If you spawn, you will soon know that it is not a simple mission. Enter the nickname and click the button on the screen to start a new challenging adventure with your square. There are a lot of dangerous traps across the map. Don’t crash into those obstacles or you will have to regret! Therefore, act cautiously and wisely to protect your life. Not only that, also contains a large number of strong opponents. Keep away from these enemies in case you are still weak. While you are wandering around the environment, pick up power-ups to ameliorate the own abilities. Let’s participate in the arena and check out the first stage right now!

How To Play

Use the arrow keys to move around the map.