Description is a fun-addicting Multiplayer game giving you so much fun and challenges. This game can be considered as a very much version of that you may have played before. After spawning into an edge of the map, you will start moving around to search for more powerful weapons which are scattering around the map. At first, you are provided with just a simple assault rifle and numerous ammo, but then this kind of weapon will be worn off when you advance your game. So, it’s not powerful enough for you to fight against enemies. Therefore, finding more weapons is compulsory and crucial if you want to survive longer. You need to know that these weapons are various and they can be used for many situations. Use your skills and intelligence to deal with all challenges! Get rid of the enemies before they kill you. Are you ready? Let’s give it a try now and show off your abilities.

How To Play

Use WASD for moving
Click left mouse for shooting
Press key R for reloading, keys Q/E for using skill, key F to aim
Use keys 1-9 or mouse wheel to change the weapons, key Enter for chatting