Description is one of the best browser-based Io games. It’s free for you to play online against other opponents in a map at once! You will control a ship looking like a triangle. You can choose the color that you love for you small ship before you enter the nickname. It helps you get unique base stats. In the 2D environment, you will have the time to compete with a lot of enemies. The main aim is to destroy all of them so as to become the top player on the leaderboard. So, it is a real survival combat. And you have to fight wisely to defeat the foe, stay alive and win. contains a cool system that you should conquer as fast as possible to reach the highest level. Also, improve the own performance and abilities such as speed, damage, and health. When you collect experience and earn upgrades, activate these items to create useful effects. Not only that, hitting multiple times will grant a combo. Let’s uncover the remaining rules now! Good luck!

How To Play

Press Q/ W/E/ R/ A/ S for upgrades. Click to dash, right click to turn on the shield.