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Prove your shooting ability in game then see how many enemies you can shoot. There are many shooting io games released in browsers, and unblocked is one of them giving you a chance to practice your shooting skills. The game pits you against not only opponents but also zombies roaming through a town. Only the best survivor can defeat this challenge!

Since the town is full of zombies and enemies, you must be careful when exploring areas. Have your gun ready then point it at enemies or zombies to shoot them before they defeat you. You can build a base to protect yourself or use a vehicle to squash the zombies. If other players are friendly, you can team up with them to defeat the zombies easily. The point of free online is to survive all zombie waves to become the winner! Have fun with it!

How To Play

Perform the movement of your character using WASD or AQSD, click the left mouse button to shoot enemies, click the right mouse button to place a building, use the spacebar to interact with objects and items, run or drift in a car using Shift, use number keys to change weapons, click on a building or use the mouse wheel scroll to change it.