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Swim like an aggressive shark in unblocked! Are you ready for this ocean adventure io game? online is free to play now and it brings you great challenges to conquer. The game shares the same gameplay mechanics as and You have to eat smaller fishes to grow big and go eat the big fishes for a chance of winning.

You spawn as a small shark, but when you eat food and other smaller fishes, your size will get bigger. Make sure you stay watchful for your surroundings when you find food to eat because other big sharks will eat you if you are close to them. Run away from bigger sharks before they catch you! Keep increasing your size until you become the biggest shark in the ocean arena, which is your main goal in game. Just try to conquer all enemy sharks and build your dominance to become the winner! There are other shark io games that were released, like You can play them for great adventures!

How To Play

Move your shark in the game using the mouse.