Share this game! Description unblocked is an arena-style shooting io game in which players must load up weapons, use smart strategies and nice tactics to fight one another. online is packed with action, so take this chance to prove your skills. You can play it for free on iogames-space!

In this title, you will make your way through portals and make use of various upgradeable weapons to defeat enemies in the arena. Take on them quickly before they beat you with their points. The longer you survive, the higher the score you will get. Also, if you kill more enemies as well as deal more headshots, your score will be increased. There can be only one winner dominating the arena at the end of the match, and you must attempt to be the winner! If you are a fan of action-packed io games, make sure you play game now! Have fun with it!

How To Play

Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement, use Shift to slide, spacebar to jump, Q and E to lean left and right, F to inspect weapons, Tab for the stats, and T for the voice chat.