REPULS Description

There are many shooting titles from the io games series, but REPULS unblocked can be the game that makes your experience more special. This is also a chance for you to demonstrate your skills. It’s all about shooting enemies that stand in your way using your pistol.

Play REPULS Unblocked Online
Play REPULS Unblocked Online

In REPULS free game, you’d better aim at enemies first then shoot them quickly before they do the same to you. To power up yourself, you should collect more weapons on the map or use a rocket launcher. They will allow you to dish out more damage to other players. Using stronger weapons will make yourself much more powerful, giving you a higher chance to win. Pay attention to your surroundings as well as keep an eye on the moves of your enemies. It’s better to have some strategies ready to deal with them. As you kill them, your scores will be grown too. Having a high score will get you closer to the top rank on the leaderboard, which is also your main goal in REPULS game. Everybody wants to be the pro and the top 1 player in this title, but they must know that it takes a lot to get to that title. Are you here with all the challenges? Will you conquer them all? Have fun with this io game and prove your skills!

How To Play

Use WASD to direct the movement of your character. Click the left mouse to shoot enemies, the right mouse to use the rifle’s scope, Q to attack with a weapon, number key1 to change a weapon, number key 2 to throw grenades, R to reload weapons and the spacebar to jump.