Polygun.io Description

Make your shooting abilities better with Polygun.io unblocked! You can give this classic-inspired io game a try and take this chance to present your best skills. The game can better yourself to become a faster and stronger shooter. You should express your reflexes, strategy as well as a little bit of luck to defeat all enemies in the arena.

Play Polygun.io Unblocked Online
Play Polygun.io Unblocked Online

When you step into the arena of Polygun.io game, you have to hunt for enemies and deal damage to them to eliminate them from the battle. There are many polygons dispersed on the map. Collect them to get more health for yourself. Also, you should gain experience points from killing enemies. As you accumulate points, you can use them to purchase awesome upgrades to strengthen yourself. These upgrades can be a faster attack, speed, and even armor values. There is a special feature in this Polygun.io online game, which is called the evolution tree. This tree is displayed in the bottom part of the screen. When you can evolve, a screen will show up asking you what upgrade you want to select. You should select it smartly because the selected upgrades will change the ones you can select next. Try your hardest to evolve yourself into a pro and defeat all enemies in the arena to become the winner. Are you ready for the challenges in Polygun.io? Enjoy it now!

How To Play

For the movement, use WASD. To aim at enemies, use the cursor. To shoot enemies, click the mouse and release it fast, or you can hold it to auto shoot. On mobile, move your character using the left joystick, aim and shoot using the right joystick.