Polic.io Description

Polic.io is a classic multiplayer online Io game including a crazy match like Slither.io. Control a red character and play against all of the opponents throughout the world for the top spot. Specifically, you need to become an officer as fast as possible if you’d like to conquer the position that you desire. While moving or sprinting within Polic.io unblocked, you’d better avoid running into walls or stronger rivals. Otherwise, you will explode immediately. Additionally, you must evade antagonists or you will lose when you are caught. In case you achieve the goal when joining Polic.io free, you can begin to arrest other people. Especially, you can open a race challenge and allow someone to enter the competition together with you after you save enough green tokens. In which, you should get to the yellow location and win or you will be punished after the time runs out. Good luck!

How To Play

Use LMB to accelerate, RMB to enter a challenge, Mouse Wheel tor X to leave that place, 1-5 to pick out emotes you want