Description is an astonishing free online multiplayer Io game where you will have the time to check out and prove many abilities such as driving or shooting. Take control of a spaceship and engage in an ultimate combat your mission is to become the last survivor. Also, you need to attempt to climb up to the highest position to dominate the leaderboard as fast as possible. To achieve all of the targets that you are required, you have to destroy everybody existing on the battlefield. Wander around the map and launch deadly shots at the prey that you see before they counterattack and kill you. In, you can switch on the Push mode while sliding along the edge to plunge into them and change another direction in the short time. Don’t miss power-ups appearing at random! Indeed, speed plays an important role. Aside from that, the accuracy is one of the elements that affects the final result. Let’s enjoy and win!

How To Play

Use WASD to move, the mouse to aim and shoot. Press the right mouse to turn on the Push mode.