Have fun playing unblocked on iogames-space! Are you ready for a fun penguin-themed adventure brought to you by this classic io game? You play with little penguins that are ready to have fun. It’s a bumping game in which you must direct a small penguin on an iceberg trying to push all other penguins off. When there is only one last penguin standing, that penguin becomes the winner! online is sort of a battle royale io game set on the iceberg that shrinks in size over time. When other pieces start to fall off, you will realize that you and other penguins are getting pushed closer together. Therefore, you have to play with smart strategies if you want to outplay other players. Try your best to push them off the iceberg, point your penguin in the right direction, get some strength, then launch off enemies at the same time. Avoid their attacks while trying to attack them first! Can you beat all enemy penguins to win? Play game for free now! Have fun!

How To Play

Move your penguin using the left mouse button and release it to slide.