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n00b.io Description

Give a shot to a nice survival shooter game called Noob.io! The game takes place in a Minecraft style world where you compete against online opponents. When the battle is kicked off, you will control your chosen fighter and try to utilize his weapons with awesome equipment to attack enemies. You must dish out as much damage as possible to the opponents and give them no chances to strike you back. During the course of the fight, make sure to watch your ammo count, quickly reload your gun so you can kill the rivals in time. Defend yourself from their deadly shots! If you soak massive damage from them, you will surely end up getting destroyed and have to restart the game from scratch. You are fighting for a chance of becoming a champion fighter ruling the entire map. Try your hardest to achieve this goal! Have fun with it! Good luck to you!

How To Play

Move your fighter using arrow keys or WASD. Click the left mouse to fire, spacebar to jump, key shift to sprint.