Minesweeper.io Description

Minesweeper.io is a free to play Io game that you can play against multiple players all over the world. It will bring you to a classic battle in which you have to complete an important mission to become the King that is to expose a territory for your own. You should implement this job and finish it as soon as possible. You’d better have a good strategy and some special skills in order to cope with the opponent and other difficult situations. You are able to find many advantages if you use Minesweeper.io mods. However, you should manage to achieve the goal in your way. While you are trying to flip tiles on the map, you have to observe and think twice because the bombs will reduce your points and decrease the winning chance. If you uncover a number, it will show you how many mines laying in the eight surrounding squares. Why don’t you join and control the rule right now? Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse to expose squares. Press arrows or left-click to grab the screen and move it.