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MineStrike.fun Description

When EvoWars.io and Minecraft are combined, you have MineStrike.fun game! This is one of the best Minecraft io games you can play for free in a browser now. Take this chance to prove your skills and try to defeat all enemies. MineStrike.fun unblocked is created by K&S Games and it was released in February 2020 for desktop and mobile platforms.

In this title, you play as a Minecraft character trying to eat cakes, cookies, cooked fish, and lots of things on the ground to increase your size. Since you are small when you spawn in the arena, you need to quickly grow big by eating stuff. But, you have to avoid eating poisonous potatoes, or your experience and size will be decreased. The more foods you collect, the stronger you will become, and you will have more strength to defeat all the enemies. Try to avoid attacks from players that are bigger than you! You can escape away from them, but don’t run much, because if you do, your experience will decrease. Try to upgrade your character to 15 levels for a chance to become the most powerful! Have fun playing MineStrike.fun game now!

How To Play

Attack enemies using the left mouse button and accelerate using the right mouse button.