Loomen.io Description

Loomen.io is an addicting online Io game that you can enjoy the challenge with lots of opponents for free. You will take on the role of a little fish. You have various missions to complete such as protecting the own lantern, become the biggest creature in the ocean and dominate leaderboard. The first thing that you should implement after you spawn is to collect as much food as possible to grow in size or enlarge. While you are moving around the dark underwater world, try to keep away from other players because they will find the way to remove you. If you worry about hazards hidden in the shadow, you can keep an eye on the mini-map of Loomen.io at the right bottom of the screen. It will show you how to approach the safe area and escape dangerous enemies surrounding you. Especially, you will be able to see further once you become bigger. Have fun!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move, left click to dash.

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