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LeWorm Description

Slither your way through a big world of snake in a fun Slither Style game called LeWorm! The gameplay of this IO game is kind of similar to Slither.io. You also take control of a little snake roaming through an arena full of edible dots. You need to eat them up as much as possible to grow your length, and gradually, you will earn yourself a good amount of mass. When you come across a certain snake, you can encircle him by using your long body. Try to make him run into your body, which kills him instantly. Similarly, you must defend the head portion of the snake as somebody will do the same to you. They will encircle you with their long body and cause you to run into them. Do not give them any chances to destroy you, or else the game will be over. Never stop upgrading your snake! Try your best to survive for as long as possible and work your way to the top to become the best player of all!

How To Play

Use WASD or arrow keys or mouse to control your snake. Use the spacebar or up arrow key to speed up.

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