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Kazap.io Description

Kazap.io is an amazing fast-paced action shooter 2D game in which you have to fight against real online players all over the world for the top spot. Control a spaceship and wander around the new universe to collect the energy and grow in power and increase the score. They are scattered across the map. However, you can become the prey of other opponents. Don’t worry! Hit them no mercy before they approach. In Kazap.io, watch out the red symbol to avoid the enemy. You can speed up to escape. When you are larger, use the own visibility as an advantage to choose the fight you want. When you hit the size of 60, you will appear on the minimap. Stay near the edge of the playing field and get the maximum range. You will be able to see much further than anyone who is smaller than you. Let’s play and explore much more about the interesting combat right now! Good luck!

How To Play

Use arrows or WASD to move, K or X to fire, Space or Shift yo boost, Z or L to brake.

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