Kartwars.io Description

The online multiplayer game Kartwars.io is not a racing where you will drive the car and play against other rivals. Actually, it is a survival brutal combat in which you have to destroy as many players as possible and gain the best score in order to break the daily world record. If you sign up, you will receive interesting features such as gain XP, levels, new Karts, save your stats, earn super coins, and play on multiple mobile devices. After you enter Kartwars.io, you need to show your driving skill to pick up gold, power-ups, and big hexagons. Turn on the shield if necessary and speed up in time to survive. Not only that, you should attack every enemy to reach the highest position faster. When you rank up, you will obtain powerful weapons. Let’s have fun with the mode, explore every corner of the world and conquer the goal! Good luck!

How To Play

Use arrows to drive your Kart, right click to speed up, left click or Spacebar to fire.