Share this game! Description is a tower-defense strategy game in a browser. You can put all of your defensive and strategic skills to a test once jumping into this IO game then check out if you can conquer all the challenges or not. You are provided with a small castle and 10,000 gold. You need to earn more gold to develop the castle. There are many ways to produce gold, but the best one is to build a tree, a village house, a city shop, a tower or a factory. Once you have built up these buildings, you must do whatever it takes to keep them safe from the outside attacks. Be sure to use special cells to surround the buildings so they won’t soak massive incoming damage dealt by the enemies. You can create multiple castles and protect them as well. Keep in mind that if you have none of the castles left, the game will be over. Keep building your empire, producing more gold, and finishing all opponents to become the best player of all!

How To Play

Use the mouse to interact with objects in the game.