Happy Snakes

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Happy Snakes Description

In Happy Snakes – an epic Slither Style IO game online, you will take on the role of a happy snake slithering through an arena in order to hunt for glowing dots. You have to absorb as many dots as possible to increase your length and gradually, you will become a longer and stronger snake. Once you have reached a bigger size, it means that you will be able to tackle other snakes then wipe them out more easily. You should utilize swift maneuvers to outplay the opponents, make use of your body to encircle them, speed up to bypass them as well as block their movements. They will have to run into your body, killing them instantly. But, you have to defend yourself from crashing into their body as you try to fight. Keep staying alive for as long as possible until you climb the top to become the best snake of all!

How To Play

Move your snake using the mouse, click the left mouse button to speed up.

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