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Drednot.io Description

Drednot.io unblocked opens up an awesome yet difficult battle between the dreadnought ships controlled by real human players. You jump int this huge arena with a lot of strategies prepared in advance so you can touch the final victory. Once the game is kicked off, you can work together with other friendly players to produce a giant and strong vessel then throw yourself into the fight to shoot down all other wicked opponents. But you can choose to play alone yourself if you want. Do your best to create a small yet fast destroyer, equip it with a wide range of guns and armor then venture out into the battle to slay everything that gets in your way. Remember to craft new materials with awesome weapons as well as watch out for your ammo as you can run out bullets through over time. Will you come out as the victor or end up as a loser in Drednot.io free unblocked?

How To Play

Climb a ladder or perform the movement using WASD. Jump or leave a ladder using the spacebar, interact with objects using the left mouse, use an item using the right mouse, drop an item using key Q, zoom with the mouse wheel scroll, fast zoom with key C, chat with key Enter and bring up the scoreboard using key Tab.