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Dizzytroopers.io Description

Dizzytroopers.io is a funny 2D shooter. Enjoy the new Io game with multiple players online and achieve as many scores as possible to become the leader! Start the match unblocked with a spinning man surrounded by many yellow stars. Therefore, you should aim carefully or you can be killed when you miss your shot. While you are feeling dizzy, don’t spam your hits! Additionally, keep your distance from the most powerful guy or you will be bumped and eliminated! Try to remove everything around your soldier quickly because you will have more chances to obtain a unique ability! Play Dizzytroopers.io multiplayer free online and don’t ignore power-ups! Collecting these items will allow you to gain various advantages. Moreover, remember that bullets can ricochet off the walls. Stay away from those objects and manipulate them to set traps and knock out the target! Enter the map and show your powers now!

How To Play

Utilize WASD or Arrow keys to roam around the area, Left-click to fire