Crowd City

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Crowd City Description

Crowd City is a super duper fun Multiplayer web browser game putting you in the shoes of a starved black hole that needs to consume almost everything on its path when roaming through a big city that is filled with cars, humans, fences, street lights, buildings, etc. You must swallow them as much as possible to increase your size and gradually, you will become the most fearsome black hole in the city. When you come across the enemy holes, you should quickly eat the ones that are smaller than you, while keeping yourself away from the ones that are way bigger than you, or else you will end up getting eaten. Defend yourself from the dangers around! You should play with good strategies to defeat all opponents and be aware of the incoming impediments. There can be only one leader and it must be you! Join the game right now! Good luck to you!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move your black hole around the map.

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