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Fly around in the huge cosmos in and fight your way to the top score! You take control of a little planet and your main mission is to go eat as many stars as possible to grow your orbits. The more stars you consume, the more discrepant orbits turn up around the planet, giving you an ability to crush other enemy planets when you come across them. Feel free to give a speed boost to your planet, and whenever you speed up, there are always explosive rings left behind, make good use of them to demolish others and make sure you won’t crash into those rings by yourself, or else it will be a game over for you. Always prepare your strategies, have them ready in advance then use them to deal with the tough enemies. Your only goal in this IO game is to become the most dangerous planet in the entire galaxy.

How To Play

Move your planet around the map using the mouse. Click the left mouse or press the spacebar to speed up.