Cellz.io Description

Among classic Agar-style io games, Cellz.io can do a great job in keeping players engaged and entertained for hours. Similar to Agar.io, everybody will become a little cell as soon as they step into the game arena, and from here, their adventure will begin. Cellz.io game pits you against hosts of other online players, so you must do your best to finish them off by expressing your tactical skills. You begin with just a small cell wandering around the game arena full of generated cells. Nothing can stop you from eating them to increase inside. You’d better absorb these cells until you reach a good size then you will be able to take on other enemy cells. Aim at the smaller ones, devour them all quickly while dodging the bigger ones. Getting eaten will be a game over! So play it carefully. You are able to divide into many smaller cells to take over more map area. No more waiting, join Cellz.io unblocked game now!

How To Play

Use the spacebar to split your cell, press key W to feed, press key Q for a double split, key T for a maximum split.

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