Celestia.io Description

Celestia.io is another exciting multiplayer online Io game. When you enter the map, you will see that it is fairly familiar because it looks like Agar.io. Control a circular celestial life-form instead of moving a simple cell you have various objectives to complete. The main aim is to become the leader of the day by collecting the highest score. After you spawn, you need to wander around the world to find and eat yellow glowing dots to enlarge. When you have enough mass, you can shoot red stars. This is also the way to destroy other players. Be careful of the enemy’s assault! Not only that, you should not run into anyone who having the bigger size than you or you will be swallowed! Everything taking place in the Celestia.io is pretty simple to understand. Why don’t you share the game with your buddies and invite them to join your team? Have much fun!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move, left click to shoot, right click or Space to speed up.