Description is one of the best selected online multiplayer games by the creator of It looks like because it will give you the power of momentum when you control your weapon. You will meet up with multiple players on a map while you are driving your car across the world. It is not a racing where you will use the high speed to beat the opponent. But, it is a war where you have to throw a flail to destroy the enemy’s vehicles. If you are successful, you can kill them and absorb the energy that they leave to become bigger. In the, try to swing and slay wisely. Also, keep spinning the item in your hands and fling it at the peak pace for maximum damage. You are able to copy room link and send it to your friends. If they accept the invitation, they and you can team up and beat the challenge faster. Have fun!

How To Play

Use the left mouse to release the flail and click again to get it back.