You take on the role of a baby shark in an ocean io game called unblocked! Get ready for this ocean adventure then see how many enemy sharks you can beat! The game is similar to in terms of gameplay. You start as a small shark, but you can become a big shark after eating gems dispersed in the ocean.

Make your way through the ocean arena carefully! You have to collect orbs and gems to grow your shark’s size. Focus on growing first because you need a bigger size and more power if you want to defeat other sharks. After you have become a bigger shark, you can attack other enemy sharks. Try to eat the ones that are smaller than you while avoid getting eaten by the bigger ones. Watch your points as you play! If you collect a round gem, you get 3 points and 10 points for the fish-shaped gem. The goal for you in free online is to become the top-ranked shark on the leaderboard! Have fun with it!

How To Play

Move your shark using the mouse and use the mouse or spacebar to accelerate it.