Angry Chickens

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Angry Chickens Description

Following the success of and other Snake-themed IO games, Angry Chickens also brings you awesome challenges as well as a wonderful gaming experience. The game also can be regarded as an upgraded version of Angry Snakes. You will take control your chicken around the arena trying to collect as many fried eggs as possible in order to increase your size. The more eggs you pick up, the larger you are, then you will be able to tackle with more other enemy chickens who are also trying to gather eggs as well as kill you. Make good use of your strategies to outplay them all, use your traps to bait them, and force them to run into you, destroying them immediately. Don’t even forget to make a speed boost to your advantage and elude the enemies while setting traps for them. Will you become the most dangerous chicken in the arena? Play the game now!

How To Play

Direct your chicken using the mouse.

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