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Wormo.io Description

Wormo.io is a 2D shooting Free For All game based on Slither.io. Play with a worm and eat as much as possible to become the biggest player on the server! Roam throughout the arena and collect gems to enlarge. Do not crash into any opponent or you will die! Aside from running away, you can shoot at other characters to push them back. Remember to keep an eye on every rival nearby! Otherwise, you will be attacked.

When you grow, your shots will get stronger and you can climb up to a higher position in Wormo.io. But, your movement speed will be reduced. Don’t worry! It is easy to boost that ability whenever! It is really useful to escape from predators or catch up with your targets in Wormo.io. Try to take a rest after acceleration! Dissimilar to other games, that skill will not consume your mass. To kill somebody, you can use your tail, block your prey and cut off him. The minimap will help you find everybody you want. Meanwhile, upgrades will make the race more exciting. Besides, you are allowed to team up with small creatures before you defeat bigger ones. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse to navigate, LMB to shoot.
Hold Left mouse or Space to boost.

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