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Slender.Io Description is a Slenderman game that has a twist. Slenderman is the creepy thin guy that you may have heard of, and now you can meet him in this RPG io game. unblocked has many rounds to conquer. At the start of every round, there will be one player that is selected as slenderman, and the other players will become humans. The mission for the humans is to go collect all enough 8 pages in the provided amount of time, while the slender has to go chase and catch them all before they finish their mission. To deal with the slender, you can work together with each other for collecting all the pages and use the items from the shop or even hide in the trees. Make sure you always protect yourself from the slender and give him no chances to win. Be ready for this adventure! See if you can conquer it!

How To Play

Move your character using arrow keys or WASD, use key B to open the shop, use the left mouse for using the chosen item, use key E to collect an item and use key G to drop an item.