2 Description

Continue to show off your territory-building skill in 2 – the next chapter in series! This second chapter is also inspired by and it promises to keep you more engaged as it features better graphics, funnier gameplay as well as more challenges. You will take control of a paper-like character around the map to enlarge your real by taking over as much empty space as possible. All of the spaces need to be connected back to your main base as fast as possible so you can enlarge the realm. When you venture out collecting space, you must protect your tail at all costs. If somebody crashes into it, you will be eliminated immediately. Similarly, you can wipe out someone by running into his tail then steal his space It’s very crucial to play with good strategies for a better chance of winning. Can you dominate the arena in 2? Let’s play it now!

How To Play

Control your character around the map using the arrow keys or WASD.