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What will you do to survive the forthcoming zombie apocalypse brought to you by Of course, just have your skills ready all the time to cope with those cruel undead and try your hardest to fend them off for your survival. These zombies are so bloodthirsty, they will come to find you and eat you up! Do not let it happen if you want to stay alive in this apocalyptic world. Like other human beings, you must start making some smart movements around the map in order to find weapons then use them to dish out damage to the zombies. Aim and shoot them all before it’s too late. When you don’t want to fight, just crouch and hide the rivals quickly. You can team up with other friendly players or play as a solo survivor if you want. The final goal of this Zombie-themed IO game is to survive until the end of the combat. Good luck to you!


How To Play

Move your character using WASD or arrow keys. Roll with key Shift, crouch with key C, jump with spacebar, shoot with the spacebar, aim with the right mouse, change weapons using keys 1-5, key E to perform an action, key Enter to chat, key Tab for the leaderboard, key P to pause and key L for toggling the mouse. 

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