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Crowd Description

Crowd is the web-browser version of Crowd City game and it’s also pretty much inspired by The gameplay of this Upgrades IO game can be different from the original game a bit, but in general, it’s totally enjoyable to master. You become a zombie making its way through a huge city in order to attack as many humans as possible and try to create the largest crowd of zombies possible. You have a full right to inflict damage on humans in the city, not only that, but you are also able to destroy a lot of buildings, fences, traffic lights, and other objects. Feel free to cause more destruction to get your group bigger. Your main objective in Crowd is to dominate the entire arena by becoming the largest group of zombies! Make the most out of all the skills you have or you can try developing some smart strategies to outplay other enemy zombie groups. Good luck!

How To Play

Use arrow keys to move your group around the city.