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Form a lot of water piping systems to gather gallons of water from many ponds in – an awesome classic game like! The most important resource in this IO game is water, for this reason, you need to accumulate as much water as possible for a chance of winning. For each gallon of water you gather, you will earn a lot of money, which is a great thing for you to get access to better equipment when you level up. Try to generate multiple pipes and pumps for making the size and the capacity of your piping network much larger. Another important thing you must do is that you have to defend your base pump all the time as it can be sabotaged by any rivals who are doing the same mission as you. If you let them demolish your base bump, you will be wiped out of the game instantly. Upgrade your base with a lot of awesome items, such as bigger pipes, stronger weapons, defensive waters as well as water processors. In, your game is to become the best player!


How To Play

Move with WASD, click the left mouse to place a building or perform an action, use the right mouse on the pipe icon to rotate it, and use the arrow keys for using the tool shortcut.