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Start to enjoy another great top-down 2D shooter survival game called! You are going to be pitted against numerous online foes in a tough battle following the Battle Royale concept. The arena is now taken in outer space full of mysterious areas to explore. You will make your way through the arena skillfully and select a start location on the map with the best position before jumping into the battle. You can utilize your chosen location to get the jump on other rivals easily, ambushing them effectively. You are armed with a pistol and it must be used wisely to deal damage to the foes around you before they shoot you back with their deadly weapons. Don’t forget to go find better weapons with handier equipment. You should gear yourself up with those collected items because they will boost your strength a lot. Make sure you always play tactically, vanquish all the dangers around you and climb the top of the leaderboard!

How To Play

Move your character using WASD. Click the mouse to fire, use number keys to change the weapons.