Yoyowars.io Description

Yoyowars.io unblocked is a battle multiplayer game in which you must destroy all enemies using your own yoyo. Have your yoyo ready before you jump into the fray in this Yoyowars.io new io game. To kill enemies, you must quickly throw the yoyo at them. Once they have been eliminated, you will earn points and grow up. Make sure you elude other rivals because they will do the same to you. If you have no plans to cope with them, you will get attacked, and the game will be reset. To charge your power as well as take on the rivals, try to collect some power pellets on the map. Getting yourself stronger is a very important thing as you will face off against even stronger enemies when the game progresses. The more enemies you kill, the more points you will earn, and you will be able to hit the top of the leaderboard in the arena of Yoyowars io game.

How To Play

Move around the map using arrow keys or WASD buttons. Throw your yo-yo at enemies using the left mouse button.